Been driving forever
With tears in my eyes
While the sun sets
Wishing for your soul on my side.

The greens of the mountains
The grays of my days
The cool breeze on my cheeks
The cold grip of my nights.

These long drives
Both kill and breathe life
Both calm and chaos
To my grieving, dying heart.

I’m nearing my destination
I’m nearing the end
This winding road
Always leads back to one place.

Now I stand by your door
Wanting to feel once more
Wanting to breathe once more
Because at this moment
You’d see my head held high
But my heart has shattered on the floor.



I’m letting go of you
And who we’ve become
After our second chance.

You’ve saved me
From drowning and dying
Your presence gave me the will
To live for even just another year.

I’m closing my eyes
And my heart
To our possibility.

But we are tainted
We are jaded
We are broken
We need to be whole on our own again.

I’m moving forward
With your memories
But without you.

I need saving
I need life
But this time
I need to get me back
And save me.