So What (Happens Now)?

What happens when you finally stop missing someone?
What happens when all the angry words have been mouthed?
What happens when you lay down at night feeling emptier than ever?
What happens when everything you are holding on to are just illusions?
What happens when you think you’re ok but you’re barely getting by?
What happens when people think you’re in control but truly you are falling apart?
What happens when it’s too late to call it a night and too early to call it morning, yet you lie wide awake wanting to just disappear?
What happens when something concrete is disappearing like pixie dust in front of you?
What happens when you just want all this to end, but the start is knotted somewhere in this endless spool?
And all you can do is pull and pull and pull till you’re tired
And you’ll realize your life is just one big mess and pulling won’t help
So you decide to let go and cut it and start anew.
So what happens now?


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