I wasn’t supposed to write
But grab a pen I did
I haven’t really gotten the chance
To open up and talk about it

You see I trusted you
With all of me
I went overboard
And took down all the defenses in me.

Broke down the wall
Struggled to the path
Gave you everything that I got
But looks like it ain’t enough
Will never be enough.

No matter what I do
This thing that I have for you
Just can’t change
Just won’t change
It’s there to last
It’s there to wait.

As much as I want to forget
Still I ask for more strength
To love you and love myself, too
Unfair? World never was, never will.

And I want to be mad
I want to put the blame on you
But passing the blame just won’t do
This is your need
Who am I to walk past and not see it?

But I hope in this process that you’re through
Somehow, someway you’d learn to say,
“Hey, I’m sorry,” and explain why
Why you have to throw this bullshit on me.

I’m not mad you see
I’m just looking for those spaces to fill the gap
Created by this thing called LOVE.